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Black and white border collie - saluki mix sitting in a prairie

Lilly in the Prairie

I should introduce the players in this blog. My name is Julie Raasch and I’m a graphic designer, photographer, jewelry artist and naturalist. I walk with Lilly, my dog, through our prairie daily. During these walks I make observations, take photos and often just meditate on my world, both natural and otherwise. Our prairie is located in Primrose Township, in Dane County, Wisconsin. It is 30 minutes outside of Madison and 15 minutes from both Mount Horeb and New Glarus. We are close to the the original La Follette farm.

This blog has come into being because I have been leaving nature reports on my husband’s cell for some time now. The nature report usually contains  observations I made while walking Lilly, my dog, in our prairie. I usually include things like what is blooming today or what just starting to bloom. I also decided I wanted to digitally document our prairie. I have documented the plants in the past and had stopped until recently. I realized all my documented plants were on film. So now it’s time to document them again! I will share my observations as well as my photography.

Note: The photos are copyrighted. Should you wish to use them please contact me.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. Kristine Euclide says:

    Your photos are spectacular! What kind of equipment do you use?

  2. Chuck Bauer says:

    BEAUTIFUL work, Julie!
    Can you send me your email please?
    All the best,
    Chuck Bauer

  3. William J. Zimmerman says:

    I too live in Primrose Township. I occasionally walk in Donald Park, but because I don’t get out as often as I would like I always seem to miss the best things. Is there a time of year that you think is the best? Is the prairie you describe public?

    • Hi William,or should I say “Howdy neighbor!”

      Donald Park is a nice park, but I don’t get there often enough to know what is up when. I’ve mostly walked the park in the fall. I’ve been trying to remember what I’ve seen, but am drawing a blank. With all the trees, I would guess that there might be spring flowers in the woods. We have a few native flowers coming up in our shade garden. Just today we noted trout lilly leaves just emerging. I would guess that there might be flowers in the woods in the next week or so.

      The prairie I talk most about is a 2-acre restoration with remnant prairie within it. It is in our backyard. We don’t open it to the public regularly. I will be on the Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour and the prairie will be open that weekend (June 8-10, 10am-5pm). It is my photography studio. There are some prairies in the area that are public. I will try to write a post about those soon.


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