Sunrise over a snow-covered prairie…

knee high grass poking out of a foot or more of snow

Little bluestem sticking up through a foot or more of snow.

It’s been a long, long, cold winter this year. I’ve been feeling unmotivated recently when it comes to taking outdoor photos… it’s snow and more snow. I feel like been there, seen that, probably already photographed that. Then I woke up and stepped outside into the golden hour just around sunrise. The sun’s light was passing across the prairie in wonderful ways, things were covered in hoarfrost and out came the camera.






plants sticking up through several feet of snow

Sunshine across the prairie. Indian grass, little bluestem, and pale purple coneflower seed heads.

The sun had not yet crested the ridge on the other side of the prairie and the light was falling on the snow, coloring it shades of pink and blue. The rays were passing through the hoarfrost causing plants to appear to glow. So while I may have been getting tired of all the winter and snow, this scene reminded me of the beauty of winter. So while winter may seem to be dragging on forever, I will enjoy the beauty of it while it’s here. These are a few images I took to capture it all… enjoy!

plants and grasses sticking out of snow

Pale purple coneflower heads and prairie grasses poking through the snow.
Note the shadows cast by the sun rising behind them.

plants glowing on top of a hill and a ridge

As the sun rises above the ridge it causes the plants to glow as its light hits the hoarfrost.

plans glowing along the edges as the sun passes through the hoar frost that covers them

Sun passes through the hoarfrost covering plants, making them look like they glow.

leafless tree outlined by flowing frost

Apricot tree, on the lawn overlooking the prairie,
with sunlight streaming through the hoarfrost.

To view all the images from this photo shoot, plus other photos visit my Facebook page for Hoverfly Studio.

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