Bursting with beauty and drama…

white and pink flowers on trees

Magnolia Trees in Bloom at the UW Arboretum

light pink flower

Saucer Magnolia

While the prairie is still mostly brown with a bit of green peaking through, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Arboretum is bursting with blooms! In their tree specimen area there is a large collection of magnolias. In the spring it is a beautiful place to visit.

I love magnolias, but we could never grow one where we live. While a star magnolia might survive the weather outside the city, the flowers would not survive the wind. They would bloom, look pretty for a day or so, and then the wind would blow all the lovely petals off.

The Arboretum’s specimens area is a sheltered area where magnolias bloom happily and petals drop softly to the ground when blooms are done. This is why I always try to drop by the Arboretum in the spring to see the blooms. There is a wonderful collection of magnolias… star and saucer magnolias.

2 white flowers

White magnolias almost finished blooming.

pink flowers and white flowers

Saucer Magnolias (pink) and Star Magnolias (white)

When I visited several days ago the magnolias with white flowers were just about done blooming. The pink saucer magnolias were in full bloom and the yellow magnolias were just starting to bud… with a few flowers just opening.

pink flower - close-up of the center of the flower

Center of a Saucer Magnolia Flower

I strolled amongst the trees enjoying the magnolias, taking lots of photos and smelling the flowers. If you’re in or near Madison, Wisconsin, now is a great time to drop by the Arboretum. If you can’t get there for a week or so and miss the magnolias never fear, the fruit trees and lilacs will bloom next. That is sure to be a beautiful too!

cascade of large pink flowers

Cascade of Magnolia Flowers (Shot from the trunk looking out.)

pink large flowers

Different Colored Saucer Magnolias from Different Trees

center of large magnolia - petals are white inside, but dark pink outside

Saucer Magnolia
Note: Petals are white inside while dark pink outside.

yellow buds and flower starting to opne

Yellow magnolias were just starting to bloom.

light pink flowers - clusters of the them and then a single flower

Saucer Magnolias

large light pink flower

Close-up of a Saucer Magnolia

large dark pink flowers

Saucer Magnolias

deep pink flower in a tree

dark pink flowers in the trees

Magnolias in the Tree

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