A magical landscape…

tree and grass in fog

The magical frosted world.

plant covered with frost

Rosin Weed Seed Heads

I just love it when I wake up and the world is covered in frost. It’s the same world it was when I went to sleep the night before, but somehow the covering of sparkling frost makes it seem magical. We’ve been having a lot of freezing fog warnings this winter and most of this magical landscape is due to the fog crystalizing on everything. Freezing fog may not be great for driving, but it is quite beautiful in the prairie.

The frost created by fog is white frost. It is created when the relative humidity is above 90% and the temperature is below 18 °F. To read more about types of frost: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frost

The camera does not adequately capture all the sparkle and luster of the frost… however, if you look at the frost up close the camera can capture the amazing structure of it, which is exquisite by itself. All these photos were taken during freezing fog.

plants covered in frost

Rosin Weed Seed Heads, Queen Anne's Lace Head, Unknown Plant

dog on a snowy path and plant covered in frost

Lilly in the Frosty World, New Jersey Tea Seed Head

plants with frost

Sun hitting some of the frosted plants making them sparkle even more!

frost covered plants

Leaves, Milkweed Pods, Lead Plant Seed Heads

frost covered heads

Rattlesnake Master Seed Heads

frost covered plants

False Boneset Seed Heads, Queen Anne's Lace Head

frost covered red berries and milkweed pods

Sumac Berries, Milkweed Pods

frost covered seed head

Goldenrod Seed Head

frost covered stems

Lead Plant Stems, Seed Heads

frost covered seed heads

False Boneset Seed Heads

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