How do you greet the day? …



black and white dog looking out a door

Lilly greeting the day using her senses.

This is a question I’ve been contemplating for a while. Once upon a time I would force myself out of bed, rush around getting ready for work, and head off to work without ever looking outside. Since Lilly came to live with us the first thing I do is look outside… then check the temperature outside.

Once I’m up I take Lilly out for her morning walk. With vestiges from an earlier time I try to rush us outside, but Lilly is having none of it. She makes me slow down and look at the world I’m entering.

The way Lilly likes to greet the day (after her belly rub) is to take in the world before entering out into it. She stands with her head out the door and, with her senses inventories, her part of the world… she looks, smells, and listens.

Ironically I was remind of all this when someone at etsy posted the question: How do you start your day on the right foot?

My answer to this was: Get up. Get dressed. Walk dog…. my dog has taught me to take in the world around me as we stroll around our 2-acre prairie… Look. Listen. Take photos.

Lilly has taught me to greet the day with my senses. To ease into each day with a relaxing walk and look around, taking it all in.

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