Hunting milkweed…

pod with white seed fluff illuminated by sun

Milkweed with seeds exploding out, illuminated by the sun.

seed pod with seeds and white fluff busting out

One sunny fall morning Lilly and I were on our daily walk when I was particularly taken by the milkweed. The seeds were bursting from their pods and the sun was just cresting the hill. Milkweed seeds blow on the wind as a means of distribution. This seed was just looking for a good strong wind to carry it to distant roadsides and prairies … or just somewhere else in our prairie. As I observed this display I started playing with different shots… varying the angles and interplay of the sun with the pods and seeds. Here are a few of the resulting photos.





milkweed seeds

Milkweed seeds caught in a spiderweb (left). Milkweed seeds bursting out (right).

milkweed pod with seeds bursting out

Milkweed seed hung up on a wire fence.

milkweed seed stuck in a fence

Milkweed seed hung up on a wire fence.

milkweed seeds bursting out of a milkweed pod

More milkweed seed hung up on a wire fence.

It’s interesting how one day they are just milkweed plants that I pass routinely and then the next they are something that I’m captivated by. The prairie can be like that, every day there is something new that draws my attention.

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