Visiting Endor…

Red and white house in trees

The Tree House, Endor, seen across the grass field where they have bonfires.

Red and white house in a tree.

As we got closer to the Tree House we could see it was on a tree platform. I think the alligator below is a nice touch.

In my last post, Intergalactic tour, I wrote about touring Epic System Corporation’s Intergalactic Headquarters. One of the places we visited on our tour was Endor. Endor is a Epic’s Tree House. It is part of Campus I, but is a separate structure. It is, as the name implies, a tree house. It is of and amongst the trees and my first reactions was “ooooh I want one!”

The Tree House is something that looks like a kid’s hideout. It is made of reclaimed, mis-matched wood and looks from the exterior as though it is a bit off kilter. It is, however, quite sturdy and inside you can see that the rooms are all true.



Rope bridge going up to the house.

My co-workers on the bridge to the Tree House (left). The Tree House as you approach on the bridge (right).

As you approach you gain access to the Tree House by crossing a rope bridge. Once across the bridge you walk around the porch to the the door. Inside there is a main floor with a table and chairs, a second-floor loft with a swing chair, and a tower. The tower is just large enough to allow one person to climb up and look out at the woods of pine trees.

porches on the house

Front Porch (left), Second Floor Porch (right)

Endor, the Tree House, is really designed as a place to retreat. Groups can book time in the Tree House, where the sign outside proclaims no pagers or cell phones. It is a place to meet and brainstorm without interruptions.

house with porches

The Tree House as we walked away.

Overall I just think a tree house would be a great artist’s studio… but if you have been following my blog for a while you will know I live with a prairie in my back yard. I just don’t have the trees for such a tree house, so while it would be fun to have my very own tree house I will just have to continue to enjoy my prairie photo studio!

To see all the photos from this trip go to my Epic album.

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