Last laugh…

purple flowers with yellow center

Azure Aster

“Earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In an earlier post I wrote about how the prairie laughs in waves of flowers. As we pass through fall the prairie laughs its last laugh before the snow flies. And the colors of the last laugh are purple and white… with lots of asters everywhere. Asters blanket sections of the prairie and in other areas they mingle with the grasses.

flowers with purple petals and yellow center

Smooth Aster (left); Azure Aster (right)

flowers with white petals and yellow centers

Frost Aster (left); Heath Aster (right)

red leaves and white flowers

Rose leaves in fall color mixed with heath aster.

purple cup-like flowers


The very last to bloom in the prairie is the stiff-gentian. Stiff-gentian is a short plant growing on the remnant amongst the little blue stem and prairie dropseed.

flowers with purple petals and yellow center

Silky Aster

While the bright flowers of spring, summer and fall will be missed, every season in the prairie provides a new interest.

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