Halloween a time for expression…

witch with green face and white hair


witch with green face, white hair and black/grey clothing

The witch won best female costume.

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year! It’s when people get to dress up and become someone else… be it a character or an alter ego. And I love to see what everyone dresses up as. Some people really get into it. For many it is a way to express their creativity. To come up with the perfect costume… to create that costume!  Many go beyond the expected and every detail is important.

This witch could have worn a black hat, black dress and her own hair, but what makes this such a great costume is in the details… the green, sparkling face and hands, blacked-out teeth, black and grey ragged dress, and spiders in the white hair!

With a fun wig and some make-up you can transform yourself into someone else… sometimes I don’t even recognize the person in the costume until they say something and this part of the fun. Seeing what people dress as and trying to figure out who is behind the costume.

a woman dressed as a devil being held by superman and a blue and red boot.

Superman rescuing the Devil (left), Snow White's boot (right)

white rabbit and mad hatter

White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter

Some people go to the store and buy parts to configure a costume… others go to the fabric store, the craft store, Goodwill, St. Vineys, Savers or just dig in their closet. My friend Michele made her Snow White costume out of old curtains and a table cloth she found at Diggers. She found almost the perfect boots at Goodwill; all she needed was the vision to see what they could be. A little fabric dye and a pair of tan and red boots were transformed into Snow White’s red and blue slippers.

Coming up with one costume is sometimes enough of a challenge, but to come up with a couple’s costume can be a double challenge… then to pull it off well! The White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter had it down… including the small gestures. They were really in character through and through.

Halloween is a time when adults get to let out their inner child and play dress-up! (And who doesn’t want to let out their inner child at least once a year?)

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