On the Farm/Art DTour…

farm art dtour

Farm Art DTour

4 corn cribs with mouth and ears

Breathing Room

Driving through the Driftless Area on the trail of art! In conjunction with Fermentation Fest there was Farm/Art DTour. A 50-mile loop through the scenic countryside. Along the loop there was farm-based artwork, roadside farm/culture stands and field notes about farming. We picked up a map and started on our journey. The first piece we came across was 4 corn cribs lined up and draped with fabric strands to look like a dragon. After that the hunt was on as we watched the roadside and our map for signs of the next display!

wood frames hammered together


boarder collie lying down in front of a straw boarder collie and the word HAY

Lilly lying in front of boarder collie made out of hay (left), the top of a sign about hay (right)

Along the route, between art stops, there were farm education signs. Such as the sign about HAY. The sign talked about the importance of hay in farming.

hay made into a sheep and border collie

Collie in Control



Some art was more of a search than others. While some art jumped out at us, such as this giant pair of work boots up on a hill. From a distance it was hard to tell what they were made of. The curiosity of what they were constructed of drew us in closer. The boots were amazingly detailed and constructed of cardboard! How they could mold the cardboard like this was remarkable.

In these fields, we are proper cows discussing Edward Hopper.

Ala Berma-Shave

As we drove along we were surprised to come across these signs… ala the Berma-Shave ads, 1925 to 1963. They were not on the map and caught us off guard as well as providing a laugh.

frame made out of farm tools and machine parts

Tools of Toil

This art frame was constructed of old farm tools and parts from farm machinery.

close-ups of frame

Close-ups of Tools of Toil

rural road with trees in fall colors

Rural road

pods hanging from the trees

In the mists of Come What May

This art display also surprised us. Unlike the signs this was on the map, but we did not realize we had found it until we were in the middle of it. There were all these woven pods hanging from the trees on either side of the car… we were encircled before we realized it! In addition there were woven honeycombs attached to the trees. Definitely something surrealistic!

pods hanging from the trees

Come What May

pod hanging from a tree and bombs attached to the side of tree

Come What May... both left and right were part of the art work

ties of various color woven across the side of a field

Field Weave

The next stop was these ribbons woven across a field. While the photo does not show it this was a vibrant piece… as the wind blew the colored ribbons move in such a way that it looked like there were LED lights moving through it, running along the ribbons.

wire boxes stacked up like buildings

Sky Cage Traps

rural country side and the word corn

View from the road of rolling hills (left), the word CORN on top of a sign about corn (right)

frame made up of machine parts that creates a frame with the landscape as the picture

Farmed Frame

stonehenge made with bails of hay


Personally I would have called this Strawhenge, but then this was not my project.

It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country and we enjoyed discovering all the artwork and signs along the route. If you want to see all the photos from our journey go to: tinyurl.com/fa-dtour.

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3 Responses to On the Farm/Art DTour…

  1. Donna Neuwirth says:

    your photos are excellent! might we borrow a couple (with credit of course) to include in our blog/ report?
    Wormfarm Institute (DTour instigator)

    • Hi Donna,

      Sure you may use a couple of photos. Would you please send me a link to your post once it’s up (if it’s public)?

      Thanks, Julie

      • jay says:

        hi again
        would you mind sending me a 300 dpi version of the corn sign with sun burst (I love it!) ? I cant separate it from the other photo next to it. Also a higher rez version of Breathing room too – we dont have any good photos of it
        We would like to use them as part of our power point presentation for a visit from the chair of the National Endowment for the arts in a few days
        thanks so much! You take great photos – where are you physically?

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