14 South Artists Fall Studio Tour…

Man in front of his gallery

Chuck Bauer in front of Hen House Gallery on his property.

colored decorative tiles

Decorative tiles of wild plants.

Last weekend we went on the 14 South Artists Fall Studio Tour. We met many interesting artists and saw lots of great art work. We started by visiting an artist just 10 minutes from home, Chuck Bauer.

Chuck paints, creates decorative tiles and mosaic stepping stones… in addition he is also involved in restoration work. Chuck’s love of nature is evident in his art work. His decorative tiles are lovely and depict various native plants. His paintings are mostly of landscapes. Chuck has a studio and gallery on his property he has named the Old Hen House… which is appropriate as it is a former hen house! (There are even chicken footprints preserved in the concrete floor.)

Check out Chuck Bauer and read his artist statement at www.14southartists.com/artistpages/14SouthArtists/Bauer.html.

paintings hanging in a gallery

Chuck Bauer's paintings hanging in the Hen House Gallery.

man standing infront of his art

Mark Beuhl, photographer and digital artist.

Another artist whose work we saw and with whom I chatted was Mark Beuhl. Mark is a photographer and digital artist. As I looked at Mark’s work a question popped into my mind…”What is it about your work that makes it digital art?” What I was seeing looked like a lot of fantastic photos. When I posed this question to Mark he showed me several photos that he had digitally altered along with a version of the photos that had not been altered, saying “the camera shoots the photo like this, but this is how I saw it” as he pointed to the altered photo. Mark digitally enhances the photos to better reflect his vision. How does this differ from what other photographers, such as Ansel Adams, did in the dark room?

See more of Mark at 14southartists.com/artistpages/14SouthArtists/Buehl.html
or visit his blog at markbuehl.wordpress.com.

cranes in motion

Watercolor painting by Steve Wagner.

Steve Wagner was another of the artists whose work we saw. While I have never been a great lover of watercolor paintings, I found Steve’s painting to be some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen and was quickly captured by his work. He portrays his subject elegantly and does an amazing job of capturing their movement. His work is done in such a wonderfully graphic way… I think it really appeals to me as a graphic designer. When creating a logo you are striving to create a mark that is the essence of the client, company, or product that it will represent and Steve captures the essence his subjects in a similar manner.

Learn more about Steve Wagner at 14southartists.com/artistpages/14SouthArtists/Wagner.html.

woman in front of glass plates

Carol Giffin in front of her art, fused glass.

glass with an impression of a fern

Fused glass window hanging of a fern.

Carol Giffin was the last artist we visited on the tour and it turns out I’ve met Carol before at the UW-Madison Union Craftshop. I knew Carol made jewelry and was teaching a Precious Metal Clay (PMC) class, but I was not aware of her glass work.

Carol had some very wonderful fused glass plates and dishes. She also had small fused glass pieces with images of ferns in them… the ferns enchanted me as did her use of negative space to capture the beauty of the fern. These glass window hangings reminded me of pre-historic artists. Cave painters used to sign much of their work by blowing paint around their hands onto the cave wall, leaving behind a wonderful negative image of their hand. Sometimes negative spaces can be more elegant than the impression of the element itself.

To see more of  Carol Giffin and her fused glass art go to 14southartists.com/artistpages/14SouthArtists/Giffin.html.

The art tour was a wonderful thing to do on a drizzly fall Sunday.




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