Laughter from the prairie…

prairie flowers blooming

Prairie flowers blooming, including butterfly weed, pale purple coneflowers and purple prairie clover.

“Earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The prairie has laughed in waves this year. Flowers bloom for a day, a week or several weeks. One species will bloom and then another will bloom when it’s done. There are often overlaps in the blooming, thus creating waves of mixed blooms!

While I have been crazy busy with work and life summer has sped by more quickly then I realized. I have failed to set aside time to post like I would have liked. Lilly and I have, however, still been taking our daily walks and of course I have still been taking photos. So I am just going to share the laughter I have witnesses this sumer. I hope you enjoy the beauty as I have captured it with my camera… and stay tuned because the prairie is not done laughing!

white flowers

New Jersey Tea

pink flowers in a circuler ball and purple flower

Common Milkweed (left), Tick Trefoil (right)

purple flowers

Pale Purple Coneflowers and Wild Bergamot

purple flowers

Wild Bergamot

purple flowers along a spike and yellow flowers with yellow centers

Hoary Vervain (left), Prairie Coreopsis (right)

orange flowers and yellow flowers with brown centers

Butterfly Milkweed (left), Coneflowers (right)

yellow petals around a round brown center


yellow flowers

Black-eyed Susans (left), Prairie Coreopsis (right)

purple flowers and yellow flower

Purple Prairie Clover (left), Compass Plant Flower (right)

green spiky balls and pink flowers

Rattlesnake Master (left), Dotted Mint (right)

yellow flower with yellow center and purple flower with brown center

Compass Plant Flower (left), Pale Purple Coneflowers (right)

pinkish-purple flowers hanging down

Nodding Wild Onion

yellow flowers from bottom and purple petal around a grey spike

Prairie Sunflower (left), Purple Prairie Clover (right)

yellow flowers in green grass

Rosin Weed

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4 Responses to Laughter from the prairie…

  1. laura says:

    beautiful photo’s julie,,,, thanks for sharing !!

  2. It’s wonderful what a northern latitude can do for you at this time of year. Some of the species you’ve depicted grow in central Texas, where I am, and others don’t grow here but have relatives that do. Unfortunately we’re in a continuing drought, so we don’t currently have many lush scenes like the ones you’ve shown. It’s great that you have a piece of prairie of your own to wander through and appreciate.

    Steve Schwartzman

    • I am not as familiar with Texas prairies as I am with prairies of the Mid West. I am sure they have their own beauty when there’s not a drought. I have been on large controlled prairie burns, but could not imagine what it is like to have those flames tearing across the land and through communities. I wish Texas the best and hope to some day make down to see your prairies.

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