Weed control country style…

man on a tractor driving away

Errol Jung mowing our front lawn.

man driving a tractor driving towards you

Errol Jung

As I mentioned in my previous post, beauty and the beast, some weeds can be beautiful up close, but rather menacing when they create dense stands. These stands are so dense that they keep most other plants out and are not good animal habitat. A stand of wild parsnip is not good bird habitat, unlike the prairie which is a great grassland bird habitat.

We have expended our energy over the years on keeping weeds out of the prairie… mostly hand pulling and cutting of weeds. The rest of the land has a huge weed problem. The easiest and most economical way for us to try to control these weeds is to have them mowed, especially the wild parsnip. If you mow the parsnip after they flower, but before they have developed hard seeds you can set them back and eventually eliminate them. We have been lucky enough to have been using the Kountry Cutter. Errol Jung brings his tractor out and has it all cut in a just a few hours. This is great, because we just would not be able to take out all the weed before they dropped more seed. We are hoping with cutting that eventually we may get these noxious weeds to a manageable level… and eventually eleminate them from our property.

solid field of weeds

The dense weeds in our front yard before Errol mowed. Crown vetch is pink and can be seen in the front left corner. The yellow plant is all wild parsnip.

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2 Responses to Weed control country style…

  1. laura everson says:

    hi, i have heard of Kountry Cutter,,, good to know someone is using the sevices. would like to know if they do a good job.
    yes, i must say, where i work, we have just about given up on the parsnip and of course its everywhere. After we burned, it seemed like parsnip exploded for the next 3 years.

    • Laura we’ve been happy with the Kountry Cutter’s work and have used him for many years now. John show him what he want cut and he just does it. We have area of native plants that we want him to go around and he does. Also he is very affordable.

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