Visiting the Swamp Lovers Reserve…

water in the midst of lots of green

Water in the valley.

Last week when the temps were 90+ I went on a field trip to the Swamp Lovers Reserve. Had I thought about the temperature I might have thought twice about going. Hiking in high temps, high 80s in the pm, can be uncomfortable to say the least. I had, however, been looking forward to the field trip being hosted by the Blue Mounds Area Project. It’s always great to hear about how other landowners are doing with their restorations.

man driving a tractor and view of a bluff

Tractor pulling the hay wagon we rode in (left), view from the bluff prairie (right).

The Swamp Lovers have restored a bluff prairie and are working on restoring the wetland in the valley. Their major accomplishment was ridding most of the valley that is part of the reserve of reed canary grass and bringing back the native vegetation.

view and pale purple coneflower

View from the bluff prairie (left), pale purple coneflowers (right).

The evening turned out to be a very nice one. Not a lot of hiking involved; instead we rode around in a hay wagon. Then a pot-luck afterwards on top of the bluff with a nice breeze and good company.

silhouette of trees

sun behind silhouetted trees

Sun setting behind an oak up on the bluff.

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2 Responses to Visiting the Swamp Lovers Reserve…

  1. This is so heartening!!! Getting rid of reed canary grass is no small accomplishment, is it? I don’t have land of my own, yet, but when I do I dream of joining the ranks of people restoring health to the earth one acre at a time. For now I content myself with natives in my garden, bought at native plant sales.

    • We have not had to deal with reed canary grass since our location is dry, but from what I hear from everyone who restores wet land it is a major issue. Each environment you restore has it’s own issues and challenges. Enjoy your native gardens and if you want to try a hand at restoration there may be group in your area who would love some volunteer help!

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