Wonderful discovery…

single tree in a field

This lone tree reminded me of an African savana.

whites flower with five petals and yellow center

Canada Anemone

On a drive home from Mount Horeb one day this tree caught my attention. It reminded me of trees on the African savanas… the ones often shown with giraffes feeding on and around the tree. When I pointed it out to John (my husband) he said that he often stared at it from the other side, from Cleo’s window. Funny how I had not noticed it before.

The other thing I was unaware of was a patch of Canada anemone that I came across when I walked back through the front yard to take a photo of the tree. John informed me that it has been there for a couple of years. I’m not sure why I could not recall John having mentioned it before, but none the less I was glad to know of it now.

The Canada anemone, also called the meadow anemone, blooms late spring – summer. It is found in moist prairies, prairie swales, and along streams and shores. The area where we found this anemone has remnant plants, but is not an area we are currently working on restoring. We do, however, want to encourage any native plants that are there… and of course we are clearing brush and taking steps to rid the area of invasive plants. Seeing the patch of Canada anemone, we will definitely be protecting and encouraging this beautiful flower.

It’s interesting how noticing just one different thing can lead to a wonderful discovery.

white flower with five petals and yellow center

Canada Anemone

many white flowers with five petals and yellow center

Canada Anemone

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One Response to Wonderful discovery…

  1. laura says:

    nice patch !!!

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