Things are coming up roses…

two pink roses open fully

Native Roses

pink rosebud with water droplettes

Rose Bud

Mid spring through summer is rose time. We have these lovely roses blooming in several location on our property. Several of those are in the prairie. The roses I see most are on a hillside in the prairie that Lilly and I pass on our daily walk. It is truly beautiful when several of the plants are blooming scattered across the hillside.








pink roses

Native roses on the hillside in the prairie.

pink rose petals

Pollinators on a native rose.

bugs around the yellow center of a pink rose

Pollinators on a native rose.

pink rose with yellow center

Native Rose

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2 Responses to Things are coming up roses…

  1. It must be heaven living there! Still, I can’t complain. It is so fortunate that Lake County has been buying up preserves.

    • We like it. The Wisconsin DNR was looking at buying a couple of farms in the Township for grassland bird habitat. As it happens the farm next to us and the land across the road from us are for sale. We are hopeful that those are the farms they were looking at. (They could not specify until the purchase was a done deal.) Also with current budget problems they might not have the money. But it would be great to have preserved habitat on either side of ours to create a contiguous grassland habitat… especially since we know the neighbors have areas of prairie remnant we would love to see preserved.

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