Strike a pose…

black and white cows and a brown cow

The girls posing for the camera, before going back to grazing.

head of a black and white cowFor some reason I love seeing the cows out in the field on this hillside. I pass it when I’m on the way home from Mount Horeb and the library. It always makes me smile to see them freely wandering the hillside grazing. Today I pulled over and got out of the car to take a couple of shots. The girls wandered over and posed for me. It seems that they are actually rather curious… and today I was the source of their curiosity. They seemed quite happy to stand and pose, but after checking me out for a few minutes they went back to their grazing and I drove the rest of the way home.

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One Response to Strike a pose…

  1. Oh I agree- I love to see cows freely wandering around in a field. These are lovely- we don’t see this much around here in Lake County anymore.

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