Other small jewels of the prairie…

white flowers with 5 petals

Blue-Eyed Grass

white flower with green grass like leaves

Blue-Eyed Grass

Spring and early summer are the time of the small flower. Blue-eyed grass, yellow star grass and the sandwort are very small, yet spectacular flowers. All the flowers are dime sized or smaller and could easily be overlooked by people most familiar with botanical cultivars, the showy plants and flowers most often sold in garden centers.

Blue-eyed grass (despite the name, ours is white) is a member of the Iris family. It is found mostly in dry upland prairies on dry sites.

Yellow star grass is a member of the Lily family. It is one of the most stunning small plants with it’s vibrant yellow color.

This year I also noted sandwort amongst the blue-eyed grass and yellow star grass. It too prefers dry sites.

yellow flower

Yellow Star Grass

small white flowers


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