Its is about patience… and surprises!

Bird's-foot violet

Bird's-foot violet

white flowers on a wood stalk - less than a foot tall

Sand Cherry - Less than a Foot Tall

Restoring a prairie is about patience. It is about seeing things differently. If you want lots of instant blooms, plant annuals… and I have a small annual garden. But if you want a prairie there is time involved. There are battles to fight and small victories to celebrate. And, it takes time for the plants to mature. Some plants don’t flower for years. You plant plugs and scatter seed, fight your battles and hope. You have a vision… although it should be a loose one. Prairie plants grow where they are happiest. You may scatter seeds and only the ones that land where they will be happy come up… that is where the plants will ideally thrive. This may or may not be where you expect them. So prairies are also about surprises. Several pleasant surprises have been the sand cherry that showed up on the remnant and the shooting star.

purple petals with yellow centers shooting down

Shooting Star

The sand cherry likes dry soils and is a remnant plant, but not one we expected. We were, however, excited to discover it there. The shooting star is a different story. We scattered seed a number of years ago. So long ago that I don’t even remember doing it. Then we were surprised to find this new bloom last year. This year it put on quite a show. Now we are hoping to see more of both of these beauties in our prairie in years to come.

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