Spring, time of the smallest…

small white flowers

Rock Cress

small white flowers

Rock Cress

After the pasque flowers bloom there are many different small plants that come up in the dry short grass prairies… we find these mostly on our goat prairies. These are small remnant areas of prairie that are to steep to have been planted for crops or grazed by cows.

One of the first to appear are rock cress. There are several different rock cresses and I’m not sure which of the rock cress we have. Along with the rock cress I found a sedge. Sedges are even more difficult to determine which sedge is which. Often to tell which sedge you have you need to see the roots as well has the head. So I’m just excited to have discovered this sedge that I had previously not found. It is so small that it may have been there the last 10+ years we’ve been here, but not come across. This year I must have been in the right place at the right time. It is always exciting to find something new in the prairie.

fuzzy yellow, caterpillar like grass head



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2 Responses to Spring, time of the smallest…

  1. sunshine says:

    Wow! Great pictures! They are so crisp and clear.

  2. Wow! You got really great shots of rock cress! Mine are blurry, as my camera doesn’t seem to like the little things in life…. I’ve got a shot of the same sedge growing along the Dune Trail at Illinois Beach State Park. Nice to know I have a companion in the field 🙂

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