multi colored tulips

Fancy Tulips

red tulips

Classic Tulips

Often we are looking for perfection. The perfect time to buy a new car, repair the water heater, the perfect photo, the perfect flower to photograph. Reality is perfection is hard to find and flowers are ethereal. A tree may be in full bloom and then the next week the flowers have faded. I set out over lunch to visit the botany garden on campus and take a photo that I already had a vision for. This is not how I usually work. Usually I go to see what is and capture it. But today I had a vision… something I had seen in the tulips we pass on the way into work. I knew I would find tulips in the botany garden and I did, but I could not find the photo I had envisioned. The flowers were in various stages from just bloomed to past their prime. As I walked through the garden I began to wonder: Why is it we are always searching for perfection when most of life is less than perfect? Less than perfect is no less enjoyable and often more real. Let’s face it, we all have our own character so why shouldn’t flowers.

white flower


pink flower with brown edges

Pink Saucer Magnolia

pink large flower

Pink Saucer Magnolia

white flowers with yellow trumpet centers


purple frilly flowers


6 purple petals surrounding a yellow center

Pasque Flower

pink flower with yellow center


pink flowers and petals

Pink flowers and petals on the ground.

red tulips with petals falling off

Red Tulips

red tulips

Inside of a Tulip

red tulips


red tulips


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