Light on the Prairie…

purple and orange illuminated balls

Large illuminated balls on the pairie with light tops that rotated in the wind.

man glowing in a window

More to the story.

Last night John and I attended Light on the Prairie : Outdoor Neon / Illuminated Art Exhibition. It was an art exhibit on the praire and in the out buildings hosted by the UW. Even the chickens took part. They had a chicken rangler that managed to put those fluorescent rings children get on the 4th of July on all the chickens. There were lighted art installations of various types… neon, molded and etched glass light displays. Some of the artists were making a statement like the illuminated landmines and the neon bar code on the earth. Some of the installations were quirky and fun like the neon lawn chairs. It was a cold evening, but very illuminating.


blue and white lawn chairs outlined in neon lights

Neon lawn chairs.

illuminated large cat bones

Illuminated large cat bones.

barcode and earth


the artist standing behind the neon barcode and earth

Lisa the artist with her piece... EARTH

To see more go to: Light on the Prairie

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