The snow recedes…

Snow on the side of a hill.

Despite the warm temperatures we’ve had the past several days some snow persists. Most of the snow that is sticking around is in areas where drifts where several feet deep and on northern slopes. Some plants do best in an environment where things warm up more slowly, such as a northern slope. Specific prairie plants do not come to mind, but we sought such a location near the house to plant our apricot trees. Since it warms up more slowly hopefully the apricot trees will flower later in the season, after the last frost. Thereby allowing us to get fruit.

matted grasses

Little bluestem, big bluestem and Indian grass that have been matted down by the snow.

Where the snow has melted away we find grasses that have been compressed and matted below the weight of the snow. This will not affect the grasses since what we are seeing is dead plant material. The roots are still alive below and new grass will push up through this mat later this spring… unless we burn it off. Also beneath the snow are the remnants of tunnels created by moles and other small creatures that tunnel just above the frozen ground and below the snow.

tunnel in mud

Tunnel rut in the ground beneath the snow.


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