Crawling through the prairie…

snow drift

Snow drift in the prairie

tree with ice

Tree on the edge of the prairie viewed from the ground.

The snow was so deep I kept sinking in above the knees. After a while, walking just became too much work and so I started crawling across the snow. In the past I’ve always dismissed snowshoes, but with snow this deep maybe they would be a good idea. But where I go Lilly goes and she won’t wear snowshoes. Today, however, she was light enough to walk across the surface, while I was not. It made me think that maybe trying snowshoes was not out of the question.





grass through the snow

snow on the praire

View from the ground.

Border collie in deep snow
Lilly walking through the snow.

What I learned from crawling across the snow was to look at things from a different perspective. Most people look at the world from eye level, but this gave me the opportunity to look at it from a dog’s eye level. It’s amazing what a different perspective it is… not huge, but enough to intrigue.


branches agains a blue sky with clouds

snow on the ground

(Written February 8, 2011)

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