Amazing drifts…

Snow on the prairie.

Snow on the prairie.

Last night a big blizzard hit Wisconsin. 12-15 inches of snow and 40 mph winds. When I woke the storm was ebbing. Outside I saw the most amazing drifts. One by the grape vines was almost 5 feet high. Other drifts were 3-5 feet tall. In the prairie, where there are no bushes or trees, the snow had waves but not much drifting. Most of the drifting seems to have taken place near brush rows.  There was a drift so high and long that it engulfed several fruit trees.

snow drifts around the fruit trees

A large, long drift that engulfed several fruit trees.

drifts and person digging out a tree

A fruit tree engulfed by a drift (left); John digging out the fruit tree so rabbits can't reach trunk (right)

snow drift

Snow drift around several fruit trees.

border collie mix sitting in the snow - drift next to grape vines

Lilly watching us dig out the trees (left); 5-foot drift next to the grape vines (right)

drifts in front of bush row

Large drift on the edge of the prairie in front of row of brush.


More drifts.

black and white dog deep in snow

Lilly bounding through deep snow.

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One Response to Amazing drifts…

  1. Ken says:

    Lily, So cute in the snow world.

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