Snow on the prairie…

snow on the prairie with grasses pushing through the snow

Looking over the prairie, noticing the grasses.

Ah, the first snow of the winter. It was light and fluffy and not too deep to make walking difficult. We had a good walk noting that the little blue stem protruding from the snow still has it’s rust color although not quite as intense as in the fall. As you look across the prairie and the neighbor’s valley you can tell where the prairie grasses are.

black and white border collie mix in the snow

Lilly in the snow.

After the walk Lilly had a nice romp through the snow. Running big circles in the prairie. I, however, need just a couple of more inches of snow to get a good sledding run. Starting on the lawn I was going good; then I got slowed down and came to a stop just a few yards into the prairie. Lilly tried pushing, but I did not go much farther… apparently it’s not any fun to chase a sled that isn’t moving. Until we get a little more snow I’ll just have to enjoy the prairie visually. The prairie with it’s tall plants has lots of winter interest.

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2 Responses to Snow on the prairie…

  1. Jim says:

    Great photo. Did they till the field on the next property?

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