Peace in the prairie…

leaves and grass with frost on them

seed heads with frost on them

Wild Bergamot Seed Heads

Last Friday we had our first hard frost (the killing frost). The vegetable garden is done for the season and the hurricane force winds (category 3) finally died down after their 2-3 day assault. As we were walking we noticed that their was a great stillness and peace. The grasses were not moving, there were no cars or planes nearby and there were no insects or birds singing. Everything was utterly still…. not in the sense that something is about to happen or that there is a predator nearby (like in a movie), but in a very peaceful — it’s to cold for anything to stir — way. We stood and took this in and then finished our walk. By the time we made it back to the house the blue jays were calling and the chickadees were singing again. The peace and that magical moment was over.

leaves with frost on them

Wild Rose Leaves




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