Asters, Asters everywhere…

landscape with hills and prairie

Asters in the Foreground.

dog with a wagging tail walking down a path

Lilly Strolling Down the Path with Asters on Both Sides

While it still feels like summer to us, with the warm temperature, the plants know it’s fall. The trees are turning colors and some have already lost their leaves. The grasses have turned their fall colors, too, and the asters are all in bloom. We have four different asters in the prairie. The smooth aster, azure aster, frost aster and the heath aster. The heath aster has the smallest flowers, all closely clustered together. The smooth aster is the predominant one, with large patches of it coloring the prairie purple. Azure asters and frost asters are scattered throughout the prairie.




purple flowers with yellow centers

Smooth Aster

Azure Aster (left), Frost Aster (right)

white flowers with yellow center

Frost Aster

small white flowers with yellow center

Heath Aster

pinkish-purple flowers with yellow center

Silky Aster

white and purple flowers clusterd together

Azure, Frost and Smooth Asters

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