Beautiful day for a stroll…

shadow of 2 people on a bridge

Myself and John on a Bridge Looking at the Thai Pavilion

On October 6th, John and I celebrated our anniversary with lunch and a long stroll around the grounds of Olbrich Gardens. It was a beautiful day and did not feel or look much like a fall afternoon.

arial viw of landscape

View of Part of the Grounds from a Tower

There were a few leaves that were turning, but otherwise it could have been a summer day.

doorways and tower

Doorways Under the Tower (left); Tower (right)

white rose, purple-pink flower

White Rose (left); Water Lily Crocus (right)

Roses were in bloom in the rose garden as well as elsewhere on the grounds.

brick pathway with stone pillars and 2 wooden chairs

white grass heads and shadow pattern

Ornamental Grass (left); Shadow from the Brige Railing (right)

shadow of railing and metal railing

Bridge to the Thai Pavilion

gold roof pavilion behind reflecting pool

Thai Pavilion

The Thai Pavilion was stunning as always.

gold pillars and read ceiling

Looking Out from Inside the Thai Pavilion

red and gold interior

Inside the Thai Pavilian

reflection in a pool of pavilion and pavilion through trees

Leaves in a Reflecting Pool Next to the Pavilion (left); Thai Pavilion Through the Trees (right)

leaf in reflecting pool

Reflecting Pool Next to the Thai Pavilion

leaves floating in a pool, pink flowers

Leaves Floating in the Fountain in front of the Pavilion (left); Asters (right)

Read more about the Thai Pavilion.
More Olbrich photos.

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