Art on the move…

women danicing with large skirts bellowing around them

Dancers Performing on the Union Terrace

dancers in bright costumes

Dancing Along University Avenue

Thursday the University of Wisconsin-Madison kicked off a Year of the Arts. There were performers scattered on the east end of campus. When  I took a break from my computer to see what it was all about I found the performers widely scattered and not very engaging… but then I spotted the parade coming down the sidewalk on University Avenue! It was very captivating with dancers in bright costumes. It got more dynamic as it wove around the east side of campus collecting performers. Once the parade reached its destination, the Union Terrace, it had built up frenetic energy. The dancers and band put on an exciting show. I was so caught up in the energy and capturing the performance that I failed to notice the crowd that had gathered to watch. When Biddy Martin, the Chancellor, was to take the stage for the official kick-off, the party ended and I went back to work feeling quite energized and refreshed.

band plays in front of dancers and bright colored flags

Dancers and Flag Bearers Join the Band Playing on East Campus Mall

people in colorful costumes dancing

Dancers in the Art Parade

two women dance, at the front of the parade, with a band behind them

The Front of the Parade

band and dancers with water in the background

Performers on the Union Terrace

costumed dancers preform

Costumed Dancers Perform on the Union Terrace

See more photos of the parade.

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