An excursion to Taliesin Estate…

people walking along a path in the woods

The Woods We Endured on the Way to the Prairie

Over the hills and through the woods we went in search of an amazing goat prairie. The mosquitos were vicious and much repellant was applied. We eventually broke through to the prairie. The views were stunning as we glanced over the fog shrouded landscape around Taliesin. Lori Antimow spoke about her study and inventory of the site, especially of Skinner’s false foxglove. Other species were noted as we wandered around… a large false foxglove, yellow flax, upland white goldenrod, hairy grama grass and fields of dotted horse mint on the way down from the prairie.



big rock and trees, prairie with evergreens and hills in fog

First Sign We Would Be Leaving the Woods (left), View From the Prairie (right)

grass with brown catapiller growth at the tip

Hairy Grama Grass

woman speaking to a group of people

Lori Antiomow Talking About Her Research on This Site

woman sitting in the grass, group of people looking over the pairie

People Looking Over the Prairie While Listening to Lori Antiomow

small pink-puple flowers, small yellow flowers with 5 petals

Skinner's False Foxglove (left), Yellow Flax (right)

pink-puple flowers with dotts inside

False Foxglove

white flowers, puple flowers

Upland White Goldenrod and Skinner's False Foxglove (left), False Foxglove (right)

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