When fog descends…

prairie plants... false sunflower, grasses, blazing star in fog

The Prairie Shrouded in Fog

This morning I walked outside to an ethereal world. Fog can do that—the light just has a different quality. Colors take on a different quality, too. Some colors seem more intense, while others seem muted.

red stem and leaves, plus yellow flowers clustered together

Rose Stem and Leaves (left), Commom Evening Primrose (right)

Fog also makes you feel like you are in a closed world. There are places in the prairie where you are standing on a hill and can see for miles, but when it’s foggy you are lucky if you can see across the prairie.

grass heads in the fog

Big Bluestem Grass (left), Indian Grass (right)

large yellow and black spider on a web

A Type of Orb Weaver Spider on Its Web in the Prairie

The light quality also brings out all of the amazing spiderwebs. This time of year there seem to be a lot of large spiderwebs and when it’s foggy it’s a great time to study them.

spider on it's web and a small spider web in tall grass

Another Type of Orb Weaver Spider (left), A Small Spiderweb In Big Bluestem Grass (right)

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