The creatures around us…

toad sitting in gravel with grass behind it

The Toad That Has Been Sitting on the Retaining Wall at Night

The creatures around us turn up in the most unexpected places. When I see a snake sunning itself on a path in the prairie I might be startled (usually because I almost stepped on it), but it’s not unexpected. When I stepped out of the house into the garage the other day and saw a large milk snake slithering out of the garden wagon it was startling and completely unexpected. After thinking about it I believe the snake might just be taking care of the mouse problem in the garage. I just hope it knows how to get back out of the garage. Other animals show up in unusual places too. Like the time we walked out with Lilly at night and saw a deer mouse enjoying a snack inside the clear tube of the bird feeder. The last few nights we have been noticing a toad sitting on the retaining wall close to the upper patio door. We speculated that maybe it is a good place to hunt for insects that might be drawn in by the light. The other interesting animal encounter happened earlier today, when a friend and I were at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee and  a great blue heron landed in the driveway right in front of my car. I have traveled to a few lakes and hunted along the edges of several marshes just hoping to get close enough to get a good photo and here one lands in front of my car unexpectedly.

blue-grey bird with long legs standing next to a road, bird flying

Great Blue Heron After It Stepped Off the Road (left), Flying Away (right)

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