Meteors to storms and rainbows…

landscape with a double rainbow

Double Rainbow

landscape with a rainbow

Prairie in the Foreground with a Rainbow Over the Landscape

Yesterday started with a dark sky and a great show… well actually it started the night before when John and I went to Donald Park to join what turned out to be quite a crowd of people to watch the Perseid meteor shower. It was amazing how great it was to join a group for this event. Whenever there was a great display… one with a really long tail that often spanned across most of the sky the crowd let out a “Oooooh!” After spending a couple of hours there we went home. Lilly and I went back out in the wee hours to see the peak. I saw a couple a minute. When we woke the day was filled with tremendous thunderstorms. Lots of rain and flash flood in the area. The day, however, closed with the sun coming out right before sunset causing a double rainbow. The beauty of this location is that we can watch storms head in from the west and we see great rainbows in the east.

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