The beauty of watermelon leaves…

green, heavily lobed leave against a wood background

Watermelon Leaves

Okay, so it’s truth time… I did not walk the prairie today. I was feeling tired so I ran Lilly out, skipped her walk and crawled back into bed. I did, however, work in the vegetable garden today. On one of my trips to dump a load of weeds in the compost bin I took a moment to look at John’s experiment. This spring we had one watermelon and several cantaloupe plants left after starting the garden. John was going to put them in the compost bins, but instead planted them in one of the bins. Now we have some nice plants growing out of the bin and honestly I just love growing watermelon. The first year we grew it we didn’t get any fruit, but I was just so excited with the really cool leaves that I vowed to grow it just to enjoy the leaves. Thankfully we now actually get lots of melons so it has earned a place in the garden. Now I get to enjoy cool leaves and great fruit.

plants growing out of a compost bin

Watermelon Vines Growing Out of the Compost Bin (left), Lilly Sitting in Front of the Compost Bin With Cantaloupe and Watermelon Growing Out of It (right)

large garden with a person working in it

John Working In the Vegetable Garden

orange pumpkin laying among pupking leaves

One of the Pumpkins Already Turned Orange!

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