Inspiration for an alien landscape…

plant with green and pink leaves and small yellow flowers

Dotted Horsemint

Small yellow flowers sandwiched between pink and green leaves

Dotted Horsemint

When I go to the zoo and see cotton-top tamarin monkeys I can see where Star Trek got it’s aliens from… and when I see dotted horsemint in the prairie I can see where they got there alien plants. Dotted horsemint is an interesting and alien looking plant with small yellow flowers between layers of pink and green leaves.

looking down on the pink and green leaves

Looking Straight Down on Dotted Horsemint

Once again horsemint has made an appearance in the prairie. This plant can be either an annual, biennial or perennial so it can be in one place for several years or move from year to year. It seems to prefer sandy soil. Dotted horsemint attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It is a favorite of the Karner blue butterfly. The leaves have been used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes and the oil from the leaves is still being used today by some herbalists.

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