After dark in the praire…

silhouette of prairie plants

Silhouette of Prairie Plants in the Evening

All manner of things go on after dark in the prairie. At night the sounds can be deafening. There is the occasional car that goes by, but the noise is not man made. The insect life is just loud as the crickets sing for their mates. The coyotes roam. We often hear them and see evidence of their nightly sojourn through the prairie. Today Lilly and I noted coyote droppings along side of the path. We once had a visitor for dinner who pointed out the characteristics of coyote droppings. Since the coyote eats a lot of rodents and eats them whole, coyote droppings are full of hair and if you break them open you will find small rodent bones. Just before dawn the noise changes as the birds take over and believe me they can make a lot of noise. The sounds of the prairie at night can be both beautiful and interesting, as well as loud!

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