Visiting Cedarburg Bog…

open water with lilly pads and a close-up of a lily and pads

Open Water in the Cedarburg Bog (left), White Lily One of the Two Types of Lilies found in the Bog (right)

people walking on a board walk though the bog

People From the Tour Walking on a Board Walk in the Bog

Yesterday we (John and I) went to visit the Cedarburg Bog for the Cedarburg Bog BioBlitz.  It was great. There were scientists doing biological inventories of plants, mammals, birds, insects, amphibians and fish. Also, tours of the bog itself. I learned quite a bit about the bog itself… and that while it has the flora and fauna of a bog, it is really a fen. The water source for a bog is only rain water and tends to become acidic, while a fen is spring fed and tends to be basic.  I also learned that many of the tamarack trees were killed off several years ago during an intensely cold winter with no snow cover… an unusual phenomenon. We also saw carnivorous plants that are typical in a bog, such as sundew and pitcher plants. The pitcher plants were even blooming. Once I started looking I saw them everywhere.

red flower and two green flowers

Pitcher Plant Flowers (right and left)

pitcher plants and a dragonfly

Pitcher Plants - The Plant Gains Nutrients by Digesting Bugs that Fall in the Pitcher (left), One of the Many Types of Dragonflies Found in the Area (right)

Trees and plants in standing water, pink/puple flower

An Area on the North End of the Bog (left), Joe Pye Weed (right)

To find out more about Cedarburg Bog State Natural Area go to the following links:
Friends of Cedarburg Bog, UWM Field Station, and Cedarburg Bog Wisconsin State Natural Area.

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