The colors of the prairie…

blue and mohogany grass

Young Big Bluestem

There are many subtle colors of the prairie. There is a lot of green of course, but there are variations of green. Little bluestem has a blueish-silver to it. Big bluestem has some mahogany with the green. Lead plant has silvery green leaves. Flowers come in many colors. Currently the most prominent flower colors are white, yellow and purple with a few pinks.

daisy like flower with yellow petals and a brown center

Black-eyed Susan

Most of the yellows are the same… a golden-yellow like the black-eyed susan is.

3 different puple flowers

Hoary Vervain (left), Wild Bergamont (center), Purple Prairie Clover (right)

2 purple flowers

Pale Purple Coneflower (right), Harebell (left)

I was amazed to observe all the variations in purple, from the vibrant magenta/purple of the purple prairie clover to the deep purple of the hoary vervain and the light purple of the pale purple coneflower.

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